Moy Talks Online Broadcast is a talk show that brings people and professionals from around the globe to share their authentic stories that hold the capacity to heal and empower audience members to walk in true wholeness and freedom.

Many people are often held back due to adverse childhood experiences, negative generational cycles, self-limiting thoughts, and toxic environments – Moy Talks is a brave space where deep-rooted issues can be discussed and analyzed, and biblical principles and professional feedback can be offered to help address some of the nuances of the underlying problems that often hinder people from achieving their full potential and living a prosperous life.

Since its launch in November 2020,  Moy Talks have featured Psychotherapists, Medical Doctors, Politicians, Lawyers, Authors, and Business Owners from the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States, discussing topics such as health, relationships, anti-Black racism, religion, and various aspects of adverse childhood experiences and generational trauma.

Stay Tuned for Upcoming Shows.